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Coles (Bilo) closes to make way for ChadstonePlace, handrails for footpath

Tue, 04 Mar 2008 09:26 pm By Admin

coles sign, near chadstone place - Chadstone Development Discussions Coles (bilo) closed, Chadstone Place - Chadstone Development Discussions Adding handrails to footpath - Chadstone Development Discussions Today Coles have closed their former BiLo supermarket. This is not surprising, as two supermarkets with the same name in the one shopping centre would be unsustainable. If coles had not of dropped the BiLo name, they would have been able to continue operating their store. It seems that ever since they sold Myer, their restructuring has led to store closures and job cuts.

The closure came with little more than a few days notice. However, it is expected that the now vacated space will be used as part of the new Chadstone Place development. Part of the area will be used to form an interconnect with the new building structure, while the rest will most likely be sub-divided for new shop tenants.

Handrails have been welded onto the wall on the new Middle Rd footpath. It is an unusual choice, as there are lamp posts at regular intervals along the path, which would necessitate letting go of the handrail when passing a post. It may also circumvent the purpose of the perspex windows - children may use the handrail as a climbing step to look over the wall.

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