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CDL late to give Chadstone residents notification of disruptive night works

Tue, 12 Aug 2008 07:51 pm By Admin

CDL warrigal roadworks notice - Chadstone Development Discussions CDL have distributed a notification to residents regarding the night roadworks, which will occur for the next four days. However, the notice was receieved by residents on Monday, after the works were first started on Wednesday the week before.

CDL say the workworks will occur between 10PM and 5AM, which is no surprise given most residents were already aware of the previous late night roadworks.

CDL confirm that they are installing new under-road stormwater drain pipes. This is consistent with the concrete pipes which lay on the side of Warrigal Road, awaiting installation.

Update 16/08: The concrete sewerage pipes still lay beside the road, and have not been installed as per CDL's claims. This is despite CDL claiming the roadworks would be complete by weeks' end (four days from the issue of their notification to residents).

Update 25/08: Further 'all-night' works took place again, more than two weeks since the misleading notice was issued by CDL. To date, affected residents have not received any further updates or explanation from CDL or Chadstone management.

Update 30/08: Concrete cutting and jackhammering could be heard briefly between approximately 4am to 5am in the morning.

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