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Chadstone flooded with shoppers during 24-hour Xmas blitz

Wed, 24 Dec 2008 11:12 am By Admin

Crowds of shoppers on Christmas Eve - Chadstone Development Discussions At least 117,000 shoppers flooded through the doors of Chadstone Shopping Centre yesterday and last night, quashing any fears of slow sales due to the recession.

And with another six hours to go, another 90,000 shoppers are expected to make the last minute trip on Christmas Eve to buy gifts.
Shops are still selling the same quantity of goods as last year, albeit at a lower price. The last minute panic rush will be what store owners need to make up for the lower revenue this year.

Centre manager Stephen deWaele told news sources that the number of shoppers visiting Chadstone during the Christmas shopping rush was 'unrivalled' wordwide.

With Boxing Day 2008 still to come, total spending at Chadstone this Christmas could be one of the biggest in history.

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